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The Women’s Fund is a strong believer in the power of collaboration. Many of the issues that impact women and girls are too big for one person or one organization to solve on its own. But when many organizations come together and share the work, along with their various expertise, and work towards the same goal, amazing things can happen!

The Women’s Fund took the lead to convene forums on violence on a monthly basis beginning in January of 2014. We are committed to providing needed leadership and structure while providing a resource for networking and collaboration and starting a discourse about these issues in our community. In its first years, this group has played a key role in community collaborations with One Billion Rising and Stop Sex Trafficking Miami and included participation in Advocacy Seders, A Commemoration of Slavery to Freedom at Passover time hosted by the Greater Miami Jewish Federation. Varied topics included women in prison, nonconsensual pornography,  teen dating violence education………and so much more!

These meetings are now held quarterly with a new name – Freedom from Violence: Miami Rising that reflects a deeper collaboration with One Billion Rising, a grassroots movement and mass action to end violence against women. Future 2017 dates are: August 10th and November 9th.  Meetings are at the YWCA – 351 NW 5th Street, Miami, FL 33128 from 8:30 AM– 10:30 AM and will include a complimentary breakfast.

In a pilot program, The Women’s Fund presented two workshops for community nonprofit organizations with a special angle for those that serve women and girls. These workshops were designed to provide information to help build capacity and strengthen organizations while also offering the opportunity to network with other nonprofits and learn ways that the work they do might intersect or complement with one another. A survey of those who work in the nonprofit community revealed that their preferred workshop topic choices were Grant Writing and Telling Our Story. The Grant Writing Workshop was held October 2016 and Storytelling for Social Impact in April 2017.  Watch this space to learn more details about future workshops.

The Women’s Fund Miami-Dade was one of the collaborative partners in the Day of Dialogue 2017: Let’s Talk Race Relations which sought to build skills within the community around engaging in race dialogue.  A toolkit was thoughtfully compiled by the collaborative partners to be used as a guideline for the workshops held during Day of Dialogue. It was intended that the toolkit would then be shared with the community to serve as a resource and set of strategies for those institutions and individuals working to tackle racism and discrimination.  The toolkit is a web-based resource ( and you are encouraged to explore the site and use it with your constituents.

For more information about our community collaborations, please contact Fran Katz: