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On average, women earn 78 cents on the dollar to a white man, with black women earning 61 cents and Hispanic women earning a mere 55 cents on the dollar. One in five women in Miami-Dade County live in poverty. Scarcity of affordable housing is a key factor causing homelessness in Florida, and the overall homeless population in Miami continues to climb. Education, adequate household income, and employment are critical in preventing and reducing homelessness and providing economic opportunity and security.

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Join the Movement for Equal Pay in Miami-Dade

The Women’s Fund and The Miami-Dade County Commission for Women are leading the charge for equal pay in Miami-Dade County. We’re gathering a team of collaborators who we’ll highlight as they join the fight. Together, we can make a real impact on poverty in our County by paying women fairly.
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Why Pay Equity?

One in five women in Miami-Dade County live in poverty – 20.5%, according to a recent study. As this single issue has the potential to positively impact a wider range of issues – affordable housing, childcare, transportation and more – we chose to target equal pay as a means to improve the quality of life for women and girls in Miami-Dade County. Learn More about Equal Pay and The Women’s Fund Miami-Dade.

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