See Her Vote: Mobilizing Miami-Dade Women For Change

The See Her Vote Campaign’s policy and grassroots advocacy strategy is to mobilize women and their allies to action and shift the cultural narrative on local, state and national levels using various civic engagement practices. We will influence policy decisions, build the leadership of women and girls and elevate our voice to guarantee our fundamental right to equal access, opportunity and influence. We are a part of the larger movement to women in our county to register and vote.

There are four pillars of our campaign:

  • Policy
  • Community Education & Mobilization
  • Collaboration
  • Research

While the Women’s Fund will continue to advocate for ALL women and girls, this year’s campaign will focus on engaging Asset Limited, Income Constrained and Employed (ALICE) women in the North and South ends of Miami Dade County, which had the lowest voter turnout in the past two presidential election cycles. We believe that through voter education and community mobilization we will get 3,500 women in Florida City, Homestead, Opa-Locka and Miami Gardens out to vote on Election Day in August and November. Not only will these women turn out, but they will be empowered to vote in their own self-interest and hold their elective officials accountable. If women vote in their own self-interest, sustainable policy change is inevitable.

Laws about pay equity, paid sick leave, workplace pregnancy protection, access to healthcare, protection from violence, and gender discrimination are not typically enacted at the national level.  Action on these issues takes place in the state capital, at the county commission, and in our municipalities. These are the issues that have direct effects on the economic security of women and girls in Miami-Dade County.

For more information about the campaign and to get involved, call 305.441.0506.


July 7th – Radio interview with Tamara G from “IT’S RIGHT HERE IN MIRAMAR”

Caracol1260 – Spanish Radio – La Voz de la Comunidad (Community’s Voice), Host Eucario Bermudez

PSA – Spanish

Kick-off Campaign Video


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