It’s hard to believe that it has been only three months since the Women’s Fund Miami-Dade announced the Pay Equity campaign in early July! During this short period of time our staff and board have been able to meet with Miami-Dade elected officials, business owners, corporate executives, employees and other important collaborators to get the word out. Some of the highlights of the last three months include:

  • The written endorsement and Statement of Collaboration received from Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Gimenez;
  • A groundbreaking resolution passed by the City of Miami on September 19, 2017 identifying the City as a Pay Equity partner;
  • Our participation as a presenter at the Miami-Dade County Women’s Equality Day event in August hosted by the Miami-Dade Women’s Council; and
  • Being invited to facilitate a panel discussion which will include a representative from the Boston Compact on Pay Equity at the upcoming Miami-Dade League of Cities Best Practices Conference

To learn more about our efforts and how to get your business or place of employment involved, please visit our Equal Pay website and “LIKE” our Equal Pay Miami-Dade Facebook Page.