The Women’s Fund Miami-Dade (WFMD) is committed to addressing the most pressing issues affecting women and girls in Miami. This includes working to correct gender inequality in pay, leadership positions, education, and healthcare. Now, with WFMD’s research initiative, it also includes correcting inequity in data.

Simply put, there isn’t enough data collected on the status of women and girls in our community. And when data doesn’t have a gender lens, it makes women and girls invisible. In fact, gender data inequality is such a significant problem that the United Nations has flagged it as a major hurdle to achieving gender equality throughout the world.

The Women’s Fund works every day to resolve issues and create positive change in the lives of women and girls. To do this, we need to capture the right data and close the data gaps where they exist. Melinda Gates described it best when she said “We can’t close the gender gap we all aspire to close unless we first close the data gap.”

Today, research is a significant part of the work we do across our four pillars of Economic Mobility, Health and Well-being, Freedom From Violence, and Leadership. And we are extremely fortunate to have our board member Dr. Maria Ilcheva of FIU leading this initiative.

This section of our website presents concluded and ongoing data collection and research projects being conducted by WFMD.

  • Gaps, Synergies and Needs: Organizational Support for Women and Girls in Miami-Dade County is the first-ever document that captures every community organization serving women and girls by category. This means organizations working on the same issues are now aware of each other and can collaborate to make resources stretch further. It also means that gaps in support can be clearly seen and addressed. Overall, it allows the support ecosystem to be better understood and a more effective support network to be established for women and girls.
  • The Gender Equity Dashboard highlights select metrics that describe conditions for women and girls in Miami-Dade County across our four key focus areas. This dashboard – part of an ongoing research initiative — helps the private, public, and philanthropic sectors collaborate together on solutions and investment. It will also inform our grant-making initiatives.

And most importantly, it is our hope that all of our research efforts will show the positive progress that the organizations in our community are making. We are proud to lead such critical efforts to define – and ultimately improve – the health and well-being of women and girls in Miami-Dade.

Arathi Ramappa, Vice-Chair of The Women’s Fund, on the importance of data.

The Women’s Fund Miami-Dade Research and Dashboard – Simpleshow