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Miami ranks #3 in the nation for the number of women-owned firms, yet lack resources to grow. While more than 1.1 million women are eligible to vote in Miami-Dade County, only 299,550 voted in the last presidential election. Only 25% of Florida legislators in 2018 are women, and across our country less than 5 percent of Fortune 500 CEOs are female, and one in three girls are afraid to lead.

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See Her Vote: Mobilizing Miami-Dade Women For Change

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Leadership has many aspects.  Our current and future work in this area falls into two categories.

  1. Working with grantee partners, we support programming that helps girls improve their self-esteem, be successful in school, and see their own potential as leaders.
    Research from the Children’s Defense Fund shows that “Poor children are less likely to graduate from high school. Poor children are less likely to enter school ready to learn and to graduate from high school than their non-poor peers. One study found children who were poor for half their childhood were nearly 90 percent more likely to enter their 20s without completing high school than those who had never been poor.”  We fund programs like Communities in Schools Brains and Beauty Club, to help girls become leaders
  2. Through our advocacy program, See Her Vote, we will directly impact the leadership of our state and county.
    Issues like pay equity, workplace pregnancy protection and gender discrimination are directly impacted by work at the local and state level.   Yet while more than 1.1 million women are eligible to vote in Miami-Dade County, just 299,550 voted in the last presidential election.  And just 25% of the Florida legislators in 2015 are women!

Our See Her Vote campaign has a focus on educating women about the local and state issues where their vote really matters – issues like:

  • Pay equity
  • Paid sick leave
  • Reproductive rights
  • Healthcare
  • Domestic violence
  • Education
  • Child care

Women lead nearly 250,000 businesses in Miami.  Collaborating with organizations like The Commonwealth Institute, we plan to help women business owners connect, learn and help each other to grow strong.